Phil Shepherd and Steve Knight interview on PowerFM 89.7

Check it out and share it with your friends
Jazzed to share the Phil Shepherd and Steve Knight interview on 89.7 PowerFM. This is a great overview of the wide variety of work they are doing, including Transform, The Euchatastrophe, SoGo Media, etc…

These guys and their friends are leading the progressive faith and spirituality conversation rooted in the historic Christian faith and reaching out into the world that is saturated by audio, video, online presence and social media. They are helping to bridge the gap between the modern 20th century attractional model of church and the postmodern missional models that are emerging in our communities and around the world.

In the interview Steve and Phil cover a wide range of important topics that demonstrate their role at the intersection of church, community and God – as Phil said, “Discovering and joining in the work that God is already doing in the world around us.”

Come to Brite Divinity School on April 5-6 to learn more about Missional and Emerging faith communities at TransForm Southwest.

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