Synchronous Life was founded by Ken Crawford in February, 2013 on the basis of 20+ years of integrity based leadership development work with business and community leaders beginning in the non-profit and government sectors. In 1995 this work moved into the healthcare sector, training and equipping hospital administration and staff to think holistically about their interactions with their coworkers and consumers.Over these two decades our focus has been to enable leaders, whatever their role or position, to grow and develop personally, and then to extend this same opportunity to their peers, direct reports and supervisors.

We work with clients through a process of active and reflective listening, creating a trusted environment where they can address issues crucial to their future growth and success. Our starting premise is that the client is highly competent, smart and successful, with significant gifts. The client is the expert in her or his own work and life. At the same time, we find that working with a professional who can offer a new perspective and ask deep questions will open up new insights and opportunities for growth to even the most effective leader.  The process typically begins by coaching an individual or small group outside of their primary organization. We are then often invited into the settings where they serve as leaders to provide the same benefit to others in the organization.

Many leaders have received training from wonderful sources, including academics, conferences, workshops and books. Occasionally individuals find it difficult to translate those great ideas into actionable plans, and then to execute consistently over time to bring about real and lasting change. This is one of the greatest potential gifts you can give yourself through coaching – the ability to have someone accompany you as you translate abstract or generic information from others into genuine wisdom that can be integrated into your own life.

Integrity is key. This notion often gets dumbed down to simply mean honesty. While truthfulness is essential, it is a surface trait. Genuine integrity means two things: 1) that each area of one’s life – work, relationships, and self – is integrated with itself and with the other two; and 2) that the result of this integration is a strong fabric of life that will be impenetrable to outside stressors. Thus, this deep inner integrity will have the effect of protecting the individual leader (and thus the organization) from yielding to the temptations of cutting corners, seeking the easy way out, hiding from failure, or taking advantage of others.