Our Process

What we do:

  • Foster environments where participants are able to identify and articulate their goals and needs.
  • Guide the assessment of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to change and optimum outcomes (SWOT Analysis).
  • Support the development of a strategic plan to pursue the goals in light of SWOT.
  • Coach the implementation of the plan, dynamically making adjustments based on changing circumstances.

What the Client can expect:

  • Increased clarity regarding one’s present situation and desired future.
  • Useful interpretive assessments of one’s resources and needs.
  • Clear and actionable plans with measurable outcomes.
  • Access to resources (information, experiences and relationships).
  • Support, encouragement and accountability along the way.
  • Dynamic adjustment in response to changing circumstances.

How this is accomplished:
In individual executive leadership coaching:

  • The client meets individually with a coach. Session frequency and length is negotiated on an individual basis according to the client’s needs.
  • The client is also offered the opportunity to participate in group and peer coaching according to their time and need

In group “Peer Learning Community” coaching:

  • The client meets in a peer learning community for group coaching. Session frequency and length is negotiated with the group during the formation process. Ideally the group will meet for 180 minutes per month, often either in one 3 hour session or two 90 minute sessions.
  • The client is paired with another group participant for peer coaching. The frequency and length of these sessions will be determined by the pair. Typically meetings last 30-60 minutes one to two times per month.
  • The participants receive training in peer group and peer to peer coaching. As the process continues they receive ongoing support and resources, along with periodic individual communication. Participants are also encouraged to contact their facilitator coach with any questions or feedback.