Recommendations and Endorsements

“Ken is committed to the concept of the “whole person.”  He has developed a unique approach to leadership development that recognizes the value of talents being used in combination to best achieve desired objectives.  The unique twist in Ken’s work is his focus on integrity and harmony – two characteristics often missing in people and organizations.” Don Mills, Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership, TCU (colleague)

“I want to recommend Ken as a leader with tremendous skills in communication, team building and transforming churches and institutions. His approach utilizes very sound perspectives in change management, conflict resolution and continuous improvement woven through and through with spirituality. His works is best typified by this word-Synchronicity. I am so very proud to be a colleague and of his most significant work.” Dr. Terry White, Praxis Management Consulting (Colleague)

“I have known Ken through his former church position and in his leadership in various non-profits groups in the Allen area for many years. He is a person of high integrity,very well read, full of wisdom, a big thinker,and a pleasure to be around. He would be a great coach for clergy or laity.”  Henry Lessner, CFP, Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Management Group, LLC (business partner)

Ken Crawford has a unique blend of experience and skills: tons of work in helping folks grow spiritually and skills in developmental coaching.  What you’ll experience with Ken is somebody who knows how to drawn on all of his experience to facilitate personal and spiritual growth.  You’re be in good hands with Ken.”  Joe McHugh, Leadership Consultant (Colleague)

“Ken is a capable and knowledgeable professional with good insight; his helpful attitude, patience and persistence, along with his ministry experience and broad theological thinking allow him to generate valuable ideas; at the same time, he is respectful of the gifts a client brings into the relationship, and seeks to channel those gifts toward a successful path. I was very happy with Ken’s contribution to my work.” – Dennis Lundblad – Non-profit leader and university professor (client)

“Ken has been my mentor and adviser at the NTA Ministry Training for the last four years. He is an excellent teacher and friend. His advice and counsel have been inspiring and have helped me to better understand my call to the ministry. He is very smart and talented in many areas of the ministry including teaching, preaching and music…yet he is very humble. He is truly a man of God. I would trust him with the innermost secrets of my heart.” Jim Frenzel, CEO, Frenzel Tube Amps (client)

“Ken has worked with me in both a professional as well as personal counsel. Ken’s counseling gave me spiritual solutions to business and personal life issues. I would highly recommend him as a professional as well as personal spiritual counsel.” Renetta Morrelli, Financial Services Professional (client)

“Ken has been a calming influence and a strong resource in times of trouble.” Peter Young, Principal, Independent Income Advisors (colleague)

“Ken and I worked together at The Allen Chamber of Commerce welcoming new people into the business community and offering them suggestions to expand their businesses by networking. Ken is a caring professional whom I would highly recommend to nurture anyone seeking to expand their horizons.” – Sheila Williamson, Business Owner, (Associate)

“Ken served as a college instructor while I was department chair at Kilgore College. I was always pleased with his work ethic, his ability to organize and make presentations, and his concern for quality in his instruction. He was student oriented and committed to their success, but he maintained appropriate instructional standards. I hold him in high esteem.” Terry Booker, College Dean (Supervisor)