Leadership Coaching Cohort

~ Now forming for Spring 2014~
Leadership Coaching Cohort

Develop sustainable professional and personal growth habits by forming
a peer learning community (PLC) through individual and group coaching.

Who will benefit? graduate students in Business and Theology
preferably with at least 5 years post-bachelors work experience

Program dates: February 1 – April 18, 2014

Format: Participants will meet together as a group 6 times
and will meet for individual coaching sessions 4 times.

Because this is a holistic personal/professional PLC, participants will have
opportunities for reflection and growth across 6 life domains –

1 & 2 – Personal: Physical and Spiritual
3 & 4 – Relational: Interpersonal and Emotional
5 & 6 – Professional: Vocational and Intellectual

Participants will reflect on and integrate best practices in each domain, recognizing that within the group there will be diverse perspectives and understandings. You will learn from one another, and perhaps even discover things within you that will surprise you. Participants do not need to be religious, or even necessarily “spiritual”. What is needed is a willingness to have open conversation about those aspects of life and how each participant believes they impact choices, attitudes, thoughts, habits, words and actions.

To participate please contact: Ken Crawford ~ 214-288-1663; Ken@SynchronousLife.com.
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Note: This coaching program is part of a larger project that will serve toward partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Doctor of Ministry degree at Perkins School of Theology, SMU. The project is entitled: Companioned Learning: Creating a holistic coaching model centered on that integrates six dimensions of the person in the development of transformational leaders.

About the program leader:

Rev. Ken G. Crawford has been actively developing leadership formation strategies and modalities, including individual and group coaching, for nearly 20 years. While most of that time has been in non-profit and ministry settings, participants have included business professionals. Ken currently runs Synchronous Life, LLC, a coaching, consulting and training organization whose work is based in a holistic, research based understanding of individuals and groups.

Statement of Problem and Purpose

Many current institutions, and models of leadership, were created for a world that no longer exists. Leaders across all types of organizations struggle to keep pace with these changes in our world. Successful leaders need to experience transformation, along with their leadership models and institutions, in order to respond to these changes. Such transformation requires more than just new ideas and information if it is to have lasting impact. I hope to demonstrate that companioned learning will address the needs of leaders to integrate the insights and priorities of: 1) best practices in organizational leadership rooted in the individual’s personal intellect and sense of life purpose, 2) emotional health and relational competence, and 3) physical wellbeing and spiritual/values priorities. Companioned Learning is a model of intentional support for these leaders through individual and group coaching along with the development of self-sustaining peer learning communities.