In addition to our individualized Executive Level leadership coaching, we offer a variety of other services to meet your personal and organizational leadership needs. These include:

Speaking… Whether it is an internal event for your team, a development offering for your customers, or a keynote presentation at your industry convention, we will tailor material to your particular need. We specialize in helping the client identify the message topic and target, and then pull together original research in a compelling, engaging and interactive way.

Personnel Training… For those leaders who need to be focused on other priorities without neglecting leadership development, we can provide a one-time presentation or an ongoing series to meet your human resources staff development needs. We specialize in interpersonal relations (with colleagues and clients), dealing with conflict, goal and value focused performance, diversity training, personal wellness/well-being and work/life balance training.

Strategic Planning… Regardless of where you are in your personal or organizational development, goals and plans are essential to success. We help you clarify where you are, where you want to go, what factors will influence the journey, and how to get from here to there. We then will provide customized levels of support for the process (depending on your needs and desires) to propel you toward the desired end. Critical to this process is the dynamic, real-time assessment and adjustment of the process depending on changes in the various participants or the surrounding environment.

Organizational Systems Development… Every organization is also a living organism, with interdependent parts whose health and growth depends on the others. Organizing the system for maximum health, growth and performance is vital. Additionally, working with each component part across all the life stages of the organization will help to ensure you achieve your full potential. Whether a solopreneur considering expanding, a small business looking to add locations or divisions, or a large company struggling to make sense of cumbersome structures, Synchronous Life can help bring clarity and sensibility to your organizational life.