Executive Coaching

“I’ve mastered my job, but not my life.” – frustrated executive
“What am I going to do when I grow up?” – 57 year old woman
“I like my job, but it’s not taking me anywhere.” – retail manager
“I’ve been promoted beyond my skills, and I’m drowning.” – anxious c-suite exec
“I keep having trouble with my coworkers.” – middle-manager
“I feel trapped. Isn’t there more?” – mid-career professional
“I want my life and work to mean something!” – nearly everyone at some point

How do you resonate with the above statements?
What do you wish were different about your work and professional life and career?
Perhaps you don’t know the what or the how, but just that something needs to change.

Coaching can help. I love to work with people who are just where you find yourself.
You have untapped potential.
You are not using your talents, abilities, knowledge and wisdom.
The work you do depletes rather than energizes you.

Let me come along side you as you question, explore and discover new possibilities for your life and career. When you find a way to match your work with your personality, temperament, abilities and interests, you will thrive, and you will be making the contribution to the world that you are meant to make. You will be adding life and creative energy.

In the course of working with individuals and groups/teams on work issues, we also have the opportunity to strengthen our understanding and interpersonal skills, which will enhance our relationships at work and with our family and friends. Additionally, we can explore deeper issues of Values, Meaning, Purpose and Spirituality. We are not meant to live fractured, deconstructed lives.

We are meant to live an integrated life that synchronizes work, relationships and spirituality. We are meant to harmonize each area of our life into one cohesive whole.

Where do you want to go? Let me help you get there.