Hospital Employee Grief and Loss Support Program

We will have our Town Hall meeting with the whole staff this week to begin rolling out this program. I am looking forward to good conversation among colleagues regarding how we can better support one another. The healthier and stronger we are emotionally and as a community, the better patient care we can provide.

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The following is a discussion starter for developing a support program among employees as a 40 bed hospital. If you have insights from your own experience, I would appreciate hearing them. And if you would like help thinking through your own situation, I’d be happy to share in that conversation also.

An updated summary version is available here in pdf.

Initial conversation –

In the past few months several of our coworkers have experienced the death of significant person in their lives. Others are entering a new stage of life with parents and others experiencing a decline in physical or mental health. Still others experience stress and grief related to relationship conflicts and disappointments. All of this has prompted a discussion regarding how we as a staff support one another during these difficult seasons.

Some considerations –

Work relationships are important. People spend half of their waking hours at…

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