Notes from Tuesday night’s DDP meeting…5/22 – by SJ

A good vision for FGCC, that we have had around us, but didn’t name and recognize until now, goes something like this :

“FGCC is a part of the body of Christ,
gathered together, growing disciples
from curious onlookers
towards spiritually mature ministers.”

As a foundational part of this vision, we see creating a scope and sequence of growing disciples at FGCC through teaching, preaching, and open discussion inclusive of diverse opinions.   Where scripture speaks we speak, and where scripture is silent we will  prayerfully with love and conversation embrace our diversity together.

This means we support inclusive coverage of scripture (entire OT and entire NT) in sermons in tandem with guided group studies.

Suggested topics for the “back to basics” which is envisioned as the first part of the scope/sequence –  basic faith foundation kinds of topics:  for example, if Ken could take some of the creeds and preach a series on each thing mentioned there – not as a statement of faith for us, but as a guide for a topic list, and we could also in tandem study them in SS.  Also, interpretation of scripture, and an overview of the Bible were mentioned.

After we cover the basic faith foundation topics, moving on to difficult topics is desired as an additional part of scope/sequence. We feel guided, small group discussions/studies done in tandem with the sermons are a necessity (or highly recommended) – We do not want to tiptoe around difficult topics (based in 2 Tim 4:1-5), and we seek a deeper prayer life together.   An authentic, shared prayer life that is spiritually stirring is desired.


Let’s let the topic of spiritual gifts rest for awhile.  The group feels that topic has been covered more fully than other topics in recent memory.
For summer, and perhaps longer, maybe a year? – basic belief sermon series and guided study series
After that – move to advanced topics built on the basic beliefs, inclusive of difficult topics that are pervasive in our culture.
Additional suggestions for next week’s agenda:
Revival in the fall?
CA and CK to continue to work out details of their ideas for hospitality, etc. so we can implement those soon.

2 thoughts on “Notes from Tuesday night’s DDP meeting…5/22 – by SJ

  1. I am commenting in regard to the Blog on the DDP meeting. Actually I mostly wanted to remark on your ‘mission statement’ That caught my attention and my heart from the front page of your church’s web sute. Namely; “growing disciples from curious onlookers towards spiritually mature ministers.” Spiritual growth and faith maturity are so important and get only lip service in most cases. To practice unity in the face of diversity. It really seems like so many congregants are not aware of or choose to forget some of the basic tenets of Disciples. They are what make us strong and what defeat us when we forget or over ride them.

    I was raised in Rev Shaw’s Baptist church in Nebraska and he was a marvelous preacher who kept even the teenagers rivited to their seats with stories of the Bible and ending by telling us what that story taught us about our lives. When I came to Texas, the Baptist church was completely different and in looking for a new church home, God led me to FCC, Garland. That church nurtured me, supported my searching, accepted my focus on learning, lectures, training retreats, involvement with STL and radical ideas that I brought back. They will always be my heart church. But now that I have moved back to Texas, Allen is a little far to travel every Sunday.

    I am eager to have some one to discuss ideas with. I have missed the mental activity and challenge of getting my thoughts in order, listening to others ideas and learning from each other in God’s love. By the way I am a practioner of Centering prayer and have led small prayer groups in learning some of the lesser practiced, Lecto Devina, etc.

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